“The Prodigy” by Jim Towns

The burned shell of the house sat empty for years….

The boy’s gifts had been undeniable.
The dance of his fingers on the key of
the old piano
in the drafty front room,
of the run-down house,
had changed everything.
Schools had come calling.
Conservatoires had reached out.
Invitations to perform.
Then the fire.
Late one night.
No one had escaped.
Everything had burned.
Except, ironically,
The piano.
The burned shell
of the house
sat empty for years.
Until someone bought it,
and took the piano home
for their own children to play.

This poem is excerpted from Whiskey Stories by Jim Towns (Uncle B Publications, 2022).

Jim Towns is an award-winning filmmaker, artist and writer. His feature films include Prometheus Triumphant, House of Bad, State of Desolation and the upcoming The Beast Inside, as well as the streaming series Immortal Hands. His short fiction has been published in print and online by Burial Day, Switchblade Magazine, Punk Noir, Castle of Horror, Hellhound Magazine, and many more. His first nonfiction book American Cryptic was released in 2020 by Anubis Press, and his debut novella Bloodsucker City is available through Castle Bridge Media. 2022 will see the publication of his follow up to American Cryptic, American Boogeywoman. He lives in San Pedro, CA with his wife and several mysterious cats.

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