“Training” by Charles Rammelkamp

She gave into temptation…. It was difficult for me to breath. The guy I bought my dope from when I was in grad school in Boston lived on the fourth floor of the brownstone where my Notes-from-Underground basement studio was. Ralph owned a Doberman Pinscher named Mahogany, a sleek, athletic-looking animal, always at Ralph’s heel, […]

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“Noir” by Charles Rammelkamp

“Feem nwah,” Larry muttered, as if uttering sacred words, his tone hushed, as though in a church – or in a movie theater. A lonely middle-aged guy who spent his evenings alone in the repertory cinemas in Coolidge Corner or Harvard Square, Larry fashioned a purpose from his hobby, a cult for one, conjuring metaphysics […]

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“Angel of NoirCon” by Ken Bruen

________________“Angel _______________________Of __________________________Noir _______________________________Con” ________________Life throws up a variety of people who create a stir in your life Some you have met in different guises, but they are basically the same model But now and again and very very rarely, you are given a person who lights you up In every sense Deen Kogan was […]

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“Echoes of a Breath,” “First Day,” and “Ping Like a Dream” by Fabrice Poussin

  “Echoes of a Breath” She did little, standing upon the snowy peak remembering the fires of times long gone but exhaled a kind breath of infinite grace. The earth too seemed to be alive with fire restful at last yet filled with great secrets and there, poised as a classic deity she remained. Arms […]

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