“Why?” by Gerald So

Allie asked in a stolen moment why I joined up to fly. Leaving the ground for fun was nuts enough, she said. Why do it for war? I didn’t want to fly straight, I said honestly. Straight was too easy. I wanted to buck and roll. So what if cannons and planes shot at me? […]

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“The Myths” by J.D. Smith

One: The gun just went off. People can say what they want, but that doesn’t mean I have to believe them. This is just what people say when they don’t know what they’re doing, or they know damn well what they’ve done and they’re trying to cover their ass. It turns out the same either […]

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“Easy Go” by Rick Ollerman

Gene McFarlane was a Florida cracker, so called because of the place where he was born, the family he was born to, and the way he lived his life, especially in those days of the early 1980s. His older brother had a lot to do with that life, given that he assumed responsibility for raising […]

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