“Frankie” by Warren Moore

None of us were too surprised when we heard about Frankie. I mean, he wasn’t exactly a Jeopardy contestant to start with, or even Wheel of Fortune, and that was before he got overcome by fumes in that silo up by Jasper, and that was before we found him passed out under the trailer’s front […]

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“Voices” by Jack Dann

I was carefully papering the balsa-wood wing struts of my scale-model Gotha G-V Bomber when Crocker asked me if I ever spoke to dead people. Although Crocker is a member of the Susquehanna River Model-makers and Sex Fiends Association (which doesn’t say much because all you have to do to become a member is hang-out […]

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Lithographs by Ann Chernow

Lithographs by Ann Chernow, each from one stone, 17″ x 22″. All work copyright Ann Chernow. All rights reserved. Ann Chernow’s work has been exhibited at many galleries around the globe including : Hubert Gallery, Uptown Gallery and 220 Gallery in New York City, Odetta Gallery in Brooklyn, N.Y. .Lessedra Gallery in Sophia, Bulgaria, The […]

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