“Lambs” by Kent Anderson

Farm-to-Market-Road had iced up and it took longer than usual to drive the thirty miles from the dark little farm town of Midvale out to the Old Man’s bleak 640 acres in central Idaho. Even driving carefully, my truck fishtailed on the frozen snow, but I’d learned to keep my foot off the brake and […]

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Interview: Iain McIntyre by Andrew Nette

On The Fly!: Hobo Literature and Songs, 1879-1941 (PM Press) is a new anthology which brings together dozens of stories, poems, songs, stories, and articles produced by hoboes to create an insider history of the subculture’s rise and fall. Adrenaline-charged tales of train hopping, scams, and political agitation are combined with humorous and satirical songs, […]

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“Rehab” by Martin Goolsarran

The lights stung my eyes as they flittered awake to the clinical glare of fluorescent brilliance. The white walls, blinds, and polished-steel runners on the bed screens gleamed a million dollar smile back at me when my eyes had adjusted to the splendour. The sound of the heart rate monitor ran a steady patter of […]

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