“Pity the Night” by Mark Krajnak

Pity The Night_082018You know what it’s like.
You set up the job, check all the angles, fine tune the mark.
And what happens.
Some greaseball with a yappity yap mouth comes in screws it all up.
There’s always a couple of ways to handle that situation.
There’s one way . . .
And then there’s YOUR way.
You gotta do what’s best.
‘Cause ain’t no one looking out for you.
You decide.
Make the call.
Then step out.
Pity the night.

Words and photo by Mark Krajnak, JerseyStyle Photography

Mark Krajnak is a “visual raconteur” based in the Great State of New Jersey. He focuses his camera on adrenaline events, conceptual ideas, environmental portraits, and documentary reportage. His images have appeared on book covers, album covers, in print and on the web. He believe’s in the power of the image. And Springsteen. His JerseyStyle Photography blog can be found here. Follow him on Instagram: @jerseystyle_photography

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