“Whiplash Redemption” by Mark Krajnak

Whiplash Redemption_mkrajnak_072018

Ashes to ashes,

Dust to dust.

Everything dies, baby.

Both the wicked and the just.


That would be a true little ditty, ain’t it?

The question is, what do you do with that time between the cradle and the pine box.

Are you a productive member of society . . . Or are you a rat?

Are you following dreams . . . or creating nightmares?

Because, in the end, when you stand under the cold moonlight,

You realize things ain’t always what they seem.

There’s a quiet you can’t describe, and a life you didn’t expect.

Good things come to an end.

Memories leave your bones.

All that’s left is to seek redemption.

Words and photo by Mark Krajnak, JerseyStyle Photography

Mark Krajnak is a “visual raconteur” based in the Great State of New Jersey. He focuses his camera on adrenaline events, conceptual ideas, environmental portraits, and documentary reportage. His images have appeared on book covers, album covers, in print and on the web. He believe’s in the power of the image. And Springsteen. His JerseyStyle Photography blog can be found here. Follow him on Instagram: @jerseystyle_photography

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