“At the Junctions of Epiphany” by Les Wicks

The train of thought,
my tickets of insight
a quiet of the sleepers
the tranquillity of this nothing.

Then the carriage breaks out
I sit inside a chaos, we commuters
right alongside a somewhat crazy
Absolute Disaster who is interested his own opinion.

I experience true peace
Not apart, nor together.
Signals are red but each thing will change.

Over 40 years, Les Wicks  has performed at festivals, schools, prison etc. Published in over 350 different magazines, anthologies & newspapers across 28 countries in 13 languages. Conducts workshops & runs Meuse Press which focuses on poetry outreach projects like poetry on buses & poetry published on the surface of a river. His 13th book of poetry is Getting By Not Fitting In (Island, 2016). Contact him at leswicks@hotmail.com or visit his website.

Image courtesy of Pixabay, altered by Cartoonize.


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